Friday, November 8, 2013

Busy Productive Positive Focused More U

Here are some great tips on becoming successful in business and in life.

GET BUSY: Set goals that are realistic for the amount of time you have. You can not do a 5 year plan in 2 months. Being realistic with yourself give you a better chance of succeeding. Study your craft is must. A successful person know their craft inside and out. Never stop learning new and improved ways in your field. There will always be room for improvement. Network with other people in your field. Networking with other people in your field will not only help you gain future clients but will also help you gain new business relationships with other talented people. Learn some of the ways that helped them become successful. Use social media to your advantage. Social media is a great outlet to get free advertising for your business. Seek to live at your full potential. Use all of your skills, intelligence and great personality to your advantage. 

BE PRODUCTIVE: We all have our long term goals but sometimes we become so consumed working on a long list of goals that we lose our way and become less productive. One way to becoming more productive is to make a short list of goals to be completed each day. By doing this you have a better chance of completing your list, therefore becoming closer to your goals. Remember never bite off more than you can chew. Quality over quantity will always get you better results.

STAY POSITIVE: A positive attitude goes a long way. Being resilient is one of the benefits of staying positive. When you are resilient you are able to ignore negative behavior and/or people. You are more optimistic therefore having the ability to focus on making a difficult situation better. Having this positive attitude will not only rid you of negative energy but will also help you overcome some of life's challenges. The benefits of staying positive are definitely worth the effort.

REMAIN FOCUS: Stop procrastinating! People who are bored or distracted easily are usually procrastinators. If you notice you are procrastinating STOP! Saying "I'm going to do it later" or "I will finish right after...." will not get you closer to your goals. Remove all things that are distracting you (cell phones, television, Internet etc.). Set aside a time slot to work on your goals uninterrupted. You will find yourself closer to your goals in no time. 

BEMORE U: There is nothing wrong with admiring the next persons work, style or personality but never lose yourself trying to be someone else. Find your own niche. You will find that when you self evaluate and learn more about yourself you will not only have a more successful business but you will have a better life all together.