Thrift Haul

I have always enjoyed thrift shopping. There was something about finding a really great item for very little money. I understand that some people may not find a great value in their neighborhood thrift store or salvation army but I'm going to give you some great tips to help you not only save money but get the best bang for your buck. 

Tip #1 PATIENCE- If don't have the patience to search through items than thrift shopping is not for you. You will need patience in order to find that great item you came for.

Tip #2 TIME- Always give yourself enough time so you can really search through everything. If you go into a thrift shop for only 15 minutes, chances are you will not find much.

Tip #3 PAY ATTENTION- Look at the tag and make sure it does not say AS IS. Chances are if it says AS IS it probably have a stain or rip. Also look for discoloration or bad smell.

Tip #4 DIY- If you find a great item and it's missing some buttons or the zipper is broke purchase it anyway. You can always turn it into a DIY (Do it yourself) project. Never give up a great item that need minor alterations.

Tip #5 DISCOUNT DAYS- Check with your local thrift stores to see if they have discount days. Most thrift shops offer half off days or BOGO days. Remember it's about getting the best buys for less money.

Tip #6 TRY YOUR ITEMS ON- Always try your items on before you purchase them. Most thrift stores do not have a return policy so make sure your items fit before you buy them. I would suggest you wear a thin pair of leggings when trying on jeans and bring a pair of knee highs when trying on shoes. Also wear a tank top when trying on shirts or sweaters.

Tip #7 WASH- Wash and clean all items before wearing them. If you purchase shoes clean the inside with rubbing alcohol before wearing them.

Tip #8 BUDGET/GOAL- When thrift shopping always plan out how much you want to spend and what items you intend to purchase. It's extremely easy to get side tracked and make impulse buys in a thrift store.

I hope this help you have a better experience with thrift shopping. Here are a few items I purchased on my last thrift haul.

I purchased this pink sweater from Bass for $3.00, It's very soft and fits great

I purchased this American Eagle hoodie for $3.00 (Not bad)
I purchased this laptop bag for $4.00 Something feminine and sleek
 This satin scarf was only $2.00 beautiful color and great for my natural hair
I purchased this beautiful scarf for $2.00

I purchased this beautiful 3/4 sleeve tunic by Elementz for $2.00, this will look great with a pair of cut off shorts.

I purchased this Blue Blazer by: Highland Park for $5.00. This was a great buy for my 13 year old son who needed a blazer for his school uniform.

I purchased these 16x20 picture frames for $1.00 each. This was an excellent find because large picture frames can be very expensive.

I purchased this coat by: Element for $10 It was in great condition and fit perfectly. Element coats usually are priced at $79 and above so for me this was a great find.

I purchase these shoes by: BORN for $3. These were in great condition. Shoes by Born usually are priced at $69 and above. Excellent find. 
 I purchased these shoes by: SOLE DESIRE for $3. Excellent condition. Sole Desire flats starting price is around $39.95. Not a bad find :)
 I also found this clutch by: ORVIS. I purchased it for $4. It was in good condition and it does have straps so that I am able to carry it as a small purse. These clutches by Orvis usually retail for $49.95 or higher.