Saturday, June 28, 2014

Egg shell membrane

                              Five Natural Healing Benefits

      Who would have thought that the thin layer of skin in a egg shell has healing power? Before you place that egg shell in the trash read about these 5 uses for egg shell membrane (the thin lining in the shell). A few days ago I was bitten by a spider. At first site the bite mark resembled a pimple. It wasn't until it became very hard, red and painful that I realize what it truly was. My boyfriend advised me to put egg shell membrane on the bite to heal  and dislodge what I assumed was a pimple. He told me to crack the egg, remove the thin lining and place it (wet side down) on the infected area until it dries. I did this right before bed with prayers that it would stop the pain of this bite. The next morning not only was the pain gone but so was the swelling and redness. I decided to do a little research and find out what other healing powers egg shell membrane had. I will now think twice before I throw my egg shells away.
  1. SPIDER/ INSECT BITES: Egg shell membranes will soften the infected area, eliminate the pain and get rid of the redness and inflammation. Apply it to the infect area until it is dry. If your condition does not improve or worsen in 24 hours please visit a doctor.
  2. BLACKHEADS/PIMPLES: Egg shell membranes help to clear up minor acne as well. for blackheads it work similar to Biore strips. Place it on the blackhead and when It dry slowly peel back the lining pulling the blackhead out. For pimples place lining on infect area and remove when dry. The next day your pimple should be smaller or gone. Continue use until the pimple is completely gone.
  3. BOILS: Egg shell membranes are great for dislodging boils. place on boil until the lining harden, then remove. This will soften the boil over time. Keep reapplying until boil is dislodged.
  4. CUTS AND SCRATCHES: Egg shell membranes promote healing in cuts and scratches. Place the lining on the cut and place a bandage on top. Not only will it heal your cut, it will also lessen your chance of having a scar.
  5.  JOINT PAIN: If you have a aching back or knees? Egg shell membranes have been used by athletes for years to help with joint pain. Taken in supplement form it can eliminate joint pain in a few weeks.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor nor am I a medical expert. Please research or consult your doctor for more information.