Natural Hair

Natural Hair Journey

 By: Monique Agar
No matter what length or texture your hair may be, learn how to love and embrace it. Beautiful hair is not defined by how straight, long or wavy it is. Beautiful hair is healthy and well kept. For years women of color have been subject to societies idea that our kinky curls are not beautiful. We go through extreme lengths to conform to what America deems as beautiful. We continually subject ourselves to relaxers, bleaching, tight weaves and other unhealthy procedures because it has become normal for us. Many of us had our first perm installed before our teenage years, making it a routine for us. We weren't taught how to properly care for our natural tress, so we find it difficult to do. Thanks to many celebrities who have embrace their natural hair such as Tracee Ellis Ross, Jill Scott and Solange to name a few, many women are feeling more comfortable with embracing their natural hair. With the many youtube Vloggers such as Taren Guy, Nikkimae, and Beautiful brown baby, teaching women how to care for their natural textures, many women are becoming more comfortable styling their new kinky texture. Whether you decide to do the Big Chop or transition into becoming natural, there are many videos, blogs and websites to help you on your new journey.

If you are considering going natural here are a few tips to get you started.
  1. Do your research: Look up natural blogs or Vlogs (youtube videos). There are many blogs on and vlogs on natural hair care that can help you chose which route you want to go. 
  2. Before you do the Big Chop: Seek professional assistance. Getting your hair cut professionally can not only help to have all damaged hair removed but it can also leave you with a beautiful curly haircut you will adore.
  3. Your hair type: When following someone on youtube, look for someone with a hair type similar to yours. If you are following someone who has a different hair type, chances are the products they use will NOT work for you. Different hair types call for different products.
  4. Expensive does not mean better: When I first did the Big Chop I thought that buying the most expensive products meant that the product was the best. This is not always true. In the beginning I purchased Miss Jessies and Carols Daughter. These products did a great job but so did Shea Moisture at a third of the cost!
  5. Nourishing inside and out: Drinking water is essential to healthy hair, skin and nails. If you are constantly moisturizing your hair and wondering why it is still feel dry, you may want to look into your water intake. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water play a big part in healthy hair. 
  6. Moisturizing: Natural hair tends to need more moisture than relaxed hair. Keeping your hair moisturized is the key to maintaining healthy hair. After you wash and condition your hair, it is important to moisturize and seal in the moisture with your favorite oil such as olive oil, grape seed oil or coconut oil.
Those are a few tips to help you get started on your natural journey. For more great tips visit Ten easy tips for going natural

Quick and Easy Mohawk Tutorial     

Things you will need:

A wide tooth comb

Your favorite oil

A brush

A banana clip

Eco olive oil styling gel

Video Tutorial below
I use a two strand twist out to do this Mohawk. You can use a twist out, rod set or wash and go for this style. This is great for 2nd-3rd day hair :)

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On May 24, 2012 just one week shy of my 38th birthday I decided to do the BC (Big Chop). I had been thinking about it for a while but was afraid to take that big leap. Going natural is a very personal decision and I knew that once I cut off my permed ends there would be no turning back. Having long hair most of my life and getting relaxers since I was 12, I had to be sure that I would be able to live with this new lifestyle. For eight months I watched youtube videos on transitioning hairstyles such as bantu knot outs, two strand twist, buns, and rod sets to name a few. Once I had grown about four inches of hair I decided to build up the courage to cut off my permed ends. I washed my hair so that I was able to see the permed ends and went to work with my brand new shears. I would not recommend cutting your own hair! After 30 minutes of watching my hair fall to the floor my nerves kicked in but the decision had already been made and executed. 
     In the beginning I had a love hate relationship with my new natural tress. Some days I loved my short curls and other days I wanted to hide them under a hat or scarf. My lack of knowledge and experience played a huge part in my insecurities. I began to research natural hair products and how to properly use them. I followed some great natural vlogs (Taren Guy, Nikkimae and Beautifulbrwnbabydol) that showed me hairstyles to wear during each stage of my journey. I am now 16 months natural and I'm so happy with the decision I made.
     My goal first an foremost is to have healthy hair. I would love to have waist length hair in the next three years. If I do not reach that goal, retaining whatever length I have and keeping my hair healthy will suffice. I have made many mistakes and learned a lot through trial and error these last 16 months. I plan on sharing both the good and bad on my continued journey. I am by no means a hair expert. Everything I post on this blog will be my personal experience. If you have any questions, advice or tips on natural hair please comment below. Below is a link on my big chop video and some hairstyles I wore during my journey thus far. Thanks for reading :)