Saturday, January 16, 2016

5 Ways to save money on clothes

          5 Ways to save money on clothes


     We often think about saving money on groceries, household products and personal hygiene items, but how often do we consider saving money on clothes? Yes, we look for sale items in ads, commercials and store front windows but there are many other ways to get a bang for your buck, when shopping for clothes. I'm going to share 5 ways that I save money when purchasing clothes, shoes and accessories.

TIP #1 - THE  REWARD PROGRAM: Most clothing stores offer Reward programs. You can sign up online or in store. By simply providing your name, phone number and email address, you can earn points every time your purchase from that particular store. These points can be converted into $5, $10, $15 or more in coupons towards a future purchase. The company also usually send you 20-25% off coupons via email. Using these rewards and coupons combined with the store sale items can give you more bang for your buck.

TIP #2 - STORE COUPONS: Most stores give out coupons toward your next purchase. These coupons are usually stapled to or printed on the receipt. People usually forget about these coupons and they either expire or get thrown away. To avoid this, highlight the expiration date and place them somewhere that you won't forget them. Planning a shopping trip based on the date of these coupons is a great idea as well.

TIP #3 -  STORE BUCKS: Some stores hand out store bucks 2 to 3 times a year. The amount of store bucks you receive is usually based on how much you spend. For example: The Children's place give you $10 in store bucks for every $20 you spend. You can use these store bucks for a future purchase. If you've earned $50 in store bucks, you can purchase $100 in merchandise and use the $50 in store bucks to bring your purchase down to $50. Same as the coupons, people often let them expire or throw them away. View these store bucks as money. Viewing it as money will help you remember to use them and prevent them from ending up in the trash.

TIP #4 - SHOP OFF SEASON: This is my favorite way to save money. Shopping off season is hands down the best way to save money. Purchase your clothes at the end of the season. This is usually when stores are trying to get rid of old merchandise to make room for the new season. I usually purchase all my summer clothes between September and October. I purchase my winter clothes in January or February. By shopping off season, I usually save between 50-75%. Some store will even allow you to use coupons or store bucks in combination with there in store sale.

TIP #5 - THRIFT STORES: I absolutely love finding great deals in thrift stores. Not only can you find great deals on clothes, but there are a lot of other treasures such as furniture, books, pictures, dishes and electronics. Some of these things just need a few alterations, that are well worth doing for the price.