Friday, December 6, 2013

Did I cheat?? My Detox Results

Did I Cheat?

      My Fruit and Vegetable Detox Update

        On December 1, 2013 I decided to kick start my December fitness challenge off right by doing a Fruits and Vegetables Detox. My body truly needed this break. I was feeling tired, bloated, and fatigued. This left me unmotivated and unproductive. This was not an easy journey and I didn't want my subscribers to think I went through this journey smoothly. I decided to do an update and answer the question I'm sure many of you wanted to know, DID I CHEAT? The answer is YES, however I never allowed that to completely stop my journey. I simply noted my mistake and continued my journey. My body was telling me it needed this break and I was determined to listen to it. But child, let me tell ya, the first two days were torture. I'm gonna take you through my journey and tell you the good, the bad and the!

     Day 1 my morning started off great. I had been grocery shopping the day before, so I was fully prepared for this journey. Full of motivation and determination, I started my journey with a green smoothie. I used a 32 ounce mason jar to pour and drink my smoothie. This allowed me to drink a little at a time and store the remainder in a air tight jar for later. Although I loved the taste, I was not fond of the texture. I chose not to juice my fruits and vegetables because I wanted to feel full and I did not think the juice alone would stop my hunger pains. For lunch I chose to have a large fruit salad that was absolutely Delicious. So far so Good. Okay here comes the ugly part. My motivation was on a all time high. I had been snacking on fruits and vegetables all day and had become confident that I would sail through this journey without a hitch, WRONG! As I sat in my room reading a book, my nose was filled with the wonderful smell of fry chicken and it was coming from MY kitchen. Oh my how I tried to ignore this amazing smell but I was slowly being defeated by it. This was my first cheat :(. I had cheated on my detox the very first day with two delicious fried chicken wings and the guilt overwhelmed me. Was I really this undisciplined? I couldn't be. I made myself a spinach salad with strawberries, cucumbers, and walnuts and began to reevaluate my strategy. As I moved forward with my goal I needed to make a few small changes to insure the remainder of my journey would be successful. One of those changes was to drink more than my 8 glasses of water a day. This one change helpe me fill full most of the day. The next change was to eat Oatmeal with honey and fresh fruit in the morning. Although Oatmeal is not a fruit or vegetable, it is a healthy breakfast that will keep me full for a good part of the day. My last change was to find great veggie recipes. I found recipes that require little to no OVOO and that needed to be steamed or sauteed. By making my meals delicious, I was no longer bothered by the food my family cooked. 

     Days 2-3 I remained focused on my goals despite the hunger pains. Although I did feel full, I did not feel satisified. No matter how much I ate or how focused I tried to be, food was all I could think about. I thought about cheating a few times but I quickly dismissed those thoughts when I started to feel and see the rewards of my detox. In three days the bloating was gone. I began to feel more energized and my motivation to exercise had returned. This gave me the boost I needed to continue for the next two days. I was now anxious to see my final results. 

     Day 4-5 was the easiest. Since I was coming to the end of my journey, I no longer felt the hunger pains or temptation to eat those foods I once craved. The few blemishes on my skin had cleared up completely and my skin had a beautiful even tone. I no longer had a muffin top and I was able to fit jeans one size smaller than my normal size. I guess that was the benefit of losing the bloat in my belly. I felt great but most of all I felt accomplished. I was able to give up all the foods I love (bread, sugar, meat, dairy, pasta and rice) for 5 days. Yes, I made a few mistakes but I got back on track and moved forward. I benefited so much from this detox that I decided that I will do it one day a week from this point on. Do you want to try this detox? Check out the links below for recipes on detox smoothies, juices and vegan meals. Also check out some tips on how to get started by clicking this link Fruits and Vegetable Detox. Comment and let me know your thoughts. Remember you are human so you may make mistakes. Simply note your mistakes and move forward.