Friday, February 28, 2014

Bucket List

What's on your bucket list?

What is a Bucket List? A bucket list is a list of things you want to do before you uhhhhhhh Kick the Bucket! This list usually consist of our lifetime goals that we often dream of doing. Some people include adrenaline rush activities such as sky diving, mountain climbing, cliff jumping and watering skiing. While others want to travel to places like Africa, Europe and Brazil. Whatever your bucket list maybe; whether it be exciting, humbling, or adventurous, I would love to see and be updated on your journey. I'm going to share with you the top ten things on my Bucket list.

  1. Traveling: Being born and raised in Baltimore MD, I didn't travel very much. Other than our yearly trip to Gastonia NC and a occasional trip to New York City, Baltimore was all I knew. I have always wanted to visit other states, continents, and countries. As a photographer I would love to capture the beauty of different cultures. 
  2. Volunteer: As dangerous as it may be, I have always wanted to go to third world countries to help their needy. I would look at feed the children commercial and always feel the need to help them. A financial donations was never enough for me. I don't really know how to volunteer for these programs. If you have information on how I can volunteer in a third world country please email me at
  3. Mentor: I look at our children and I'm instantly sadden by the path they are taking. I would love to share with our youth all the mistakes I made as well as show them just how much potential they truly have. If you know any programs where I can volunteer as a mentor for troubled youth, please email me at
  4. Meet my favorite youtube celebrities: You may find this one funny but it truly would make my day to meet Taren Guy, Nikkie Mae, The LaVigne family, Brian Bee, Paul Kim and David So to name a few. These wonderful folks have helped me through bad hair days, made me laugh, or sooth my ears with something different than the normal crap they play on the radio.
  5. Have my blog reach 1,000,000 views or more: If you're gonna dream, than dream big (enough said).
  6. Road trip across the united states: I would love to take 6 months and travel EVERYWHERE in the United States, taking beautiful photos. 
  7. Camping: I want to go camping with my sons. No phones, No computers, No tablets, No video games....No No No!! just the simple things in life spending quality time together.
  8. Conquer my fear of heights: I want to go Sky Diving. I know I'm going to scream the entire way down but atleast I would have conquered my fear head on :/
  9. Be successful as a photographer and blogger: I want to be Anti 9-5, making my own schedule and controlling my own destiny
  10. Waist length hair: I've always had long hair as a child but once I decided that my mother no longer needed to do my hair, those long hair days have been long gone. 
Now that I have shared my Buck List with you, What are some of your goals that you want to complete before you kick the bucket?